BeamZ is a platform where streamers present live shows around their unique passions.

Viewers connect and interact with their favorite streamers and send instant payments in appreciation.

Your Passion = $$

Travel, food, music, sports, fashion, art, coaching, comedy, magic, adventure, photography,...
BeamZ is here to support you as you unleash your inner entrepreneur and turn your passion into a sustainable business.

Be famous

All eyes are on you. No ads, no downloads, no interruptions.
Connect deeply with your audience, and grow your fan base.

Get paid from day 1 💸

You make 80% or more of every net dollar. (Before we give you 80%, we remove 3-5% for credit card payment fees and bandwidth cost.)
So for 200 viewers watching a show, expect to make $160. For 5,000 viewers watching a show, expect $4,000. It's as simple as that.

More money, more fame

Build your fan base, create new episodes, and grow your income.

How it works

1. Fill out our live-stream producer application to tell us what you would like your show to be about.

3. You stream regularly. With each new live stream, you grow your fan base and your income.

2. We help you design, develop, schedule and advertise your shows.

4. We send you your shows' earnings every month.


Hear from other producers. That could be you!

John & Patty

«Have you ever thought of having your own show? BeamZ is the place to go»


«A place of freedom where I can express my creativity»


«BeamZ allows you to build a community»

Beamz is here to help

Here are some frequently asked questions

Worried about costs?

No fees on Beamz. All you need is your smart phone, a stabilizer, and internet access.

Don't know how to grow your fan base?

We share best practices to build your community.

Not sure about your show concept?

Our creative team brainstorms with you.

Never done live streaming before?

We share best practices of the community.

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