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Featured Shows

The Prague Ghost Series

Genre: Prague, Travel, Series

  • Haunted places of Prague, both famous landmarks and hidden corners
  • Hear the background stories of Prague ghosts, told across centuries
  • Theme of the secret 5th episode will be hinted throughout the series

Medieval Germany Series with Max

Genre: History, Architecture, Germany

  • Atmospheric streets of the German middle ages
  • Masterworks of medieval church architecture
  • Fortifications and beautiful city gates and ancient bridges

Wenceslas Square - the show window of Prague

Genre: History, Prague, Architecture

  • Great sites, stunning history, surprising views
  • Virtually every style of architecture of the 19th c. & the 20th c.
  • A dream for any player of Snap It Up

Saint Gall, the market district of medieval Prague

Genre: History, Prague, Architecture

  • The Carolinum, the oldest college of the Charles University of Prague
  • the Estates Theater, where Mozart performed several times
  • An 800 years old market, now with Christmas vibes!

When Russia Occupied Prague

Genre: Prague, Charity

  • A two part oral history project with witnesses of 20th century European history
  • Context of the current events in the modern history of Central and Eastern Europe
  • All proceeds go to the humanitarian aid for people in Ukraine

Charity Tour of Prague's Olšany Cemetery

Genre: History, Prague, Art, Cultural

  • 19th century cemetery with precious artworks in the process of reconstruction
  • Grave chapels of the old Prague bourgeosie
  • The beautiful tomb of the Köcher family we are trying to save

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