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Featured Shows

Exploring The Giza Plateau in Egypt

Genre: Travel, History, Cultural

  • A tour around incredible Giza plateau
  • A closer look at the pyramids in all their glory

Exploring Luxor Temple

Genre: Cultural, History, Travel

  • Walking the sphinxes avenue
  • Exploring the temples 3400 year history

Exploring Karnak Temple in Egypt

Genre: Cultural, History, Travel

  • Explore some of the 22 temples
  • The hyper style hall
  • The sacred lake

Abu Simbel - The temple of Ramesses II

Genre: History, Travel

  • See the temple from the outside
  • Explore virtually the inside of both temples

Pharaohs of Egypt

Genre: History, Art

Informational talk
Slide show

Beautiful Shrewsbury

Genre: History

  • Exploring Charles Darwin's Shrewsbury
  • Going from the Welsh bridge to the English bridge
  • Taking in the history of the town as we go

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