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Featured Shows

A Salt Mine - that's right! 300 feet below ground

Genre: Travel, History, Poland

  • UNESCO Heritage Site !
  • Salt Chambers, Sculptures, Chapels and More
  • Live Commentary by an Experienced Guide

Legends & Tales of Jewish Krakow

Genre: Poland, Judaica

  • How a poor but devoted man got money to build the biggest synagogue
  • What reward was given to a business man who refused to make the deal of his life during shabbat...
  • How an Orthodox girl refused an arranged marriage and became one of the most powerful women in world history

Krakow's Christmas Market & Fun Lottery with Prizes!

Genre: Food & Drink, Christmas

  • A fun show around Krakow's great Christmas market
  • Crib-making, Christmas Carols, what's traditional, what's not? Comparisons with photos 100 years old
  • Take part in our Great Lottery. Win one of two prizes during the show today

One-Off Experience: Enchanting Town of Eger, Hungary

Genre: Travel

• One-Off Show at a New Location
• Ramparts of a Medieval Castle
• Baroque Churches & Townhouses
• Fascinating History of the Siege of Eger

Industrial Poland: A 100-Year-Old Coal Miners' Settlement.

Genre: Travel, Architecture

  • Fascinating Architecture and Urban Design
  • Hot-Button Polish-German History of the Silesia Region
  • Controversies Over Coal Mining in Poland
  • Distinctive Culture of Silesian People

Nowa Huta: A Perfect Socialist Town

Genre: Architecture, History

  • Socialist Architecture
  • Everyday Life in Communist Poland
  • Central Square now dedicated to... Ronald Reagan

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