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Date Time Title Host Live in Reserve
DEC 1 6.15 PM UTC From Tower Bridge to the London Eye
Genre: London, Travel
Lillian Cespedes Gonzalez Reserve
DEC 4 9.00 PM UTC Olga of Kiev: The Amazing Kievan Rus Princess
Genre: History, Kyiv, Politics and War
Lillian Cespedes Gonzalez Reserve
DEC 5 8.00 PM UTC Meet a Roman Soldier! with weapons and armour
Genre: Fun, History
Lillian Cespedes Gonzalez Reserve

Featured Shows

The Spanish Golden Age (7 Pt. series) - Economy Pt. 6

Genre: History, Series, Spain

  • Learn about how the Spanish Empire managed its economy
  • Discover the impact imperial economic policy had on ordinary citizens
  • We unveil the Spanish crown's skeletons in the closest and their poor investments
1 hour

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte & History of Pumpkins

Genre: Food & Drink, Cooking, Cultural

  • You will learn how to make a classic pumpkin spice latte at home to stay warm this fall
  • Following this, we will learn about the history of pumpkins and their impact in society
  • You will understand how pumpkins become so special for Halloween and Thanksgiving
45 minutes

The Spanish Golden Age Series: Last Episode - Dead Empire

Genre: History, Spain

  • Last episode in the series, wrapping up the ups and downs of Spain
  • Discover the impact 200 years of history had on the rest of Spanish development
  • Bonus mini quiz for fun!
45 minutes

Meet a Roman Soldier! with weapons and armour

Genre: Fun, History

Live from: Southampton

  • Meet your first Roman soldier - James the Roman is a historian and re-enactor
  • James will demo the weapons and armour of a soldier in the Roman army
  • Enjoy a bit of historical re-enactment fun!
45 minutes

The Spanish Golden Age (7 Pt series) - Spanish Religion Pt 5

Genre: Series, Spain, History

Live from: Spain

  • Learn everything about the Spanish Golden Age: from its origins, to art, economics and decline
  • Episode 5 - discussion of the religious affairs of Spain, including religious persecution
  • Based on a university module delivered by Dr Cespedes Gonzalez herself!
1 hour

All you need to know about Dragons!

Genre: Cultural, History

  • This time Lilly is joined by James (the Roman reenactor!) who is also a historian to deliver this talk for you
  • Learn about the history of dragons, myths and legends throughout different cultures
  • Understand the impact these creatures have had on our imagination and on popular culture
45 minutes

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