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Gods of India

Genre: Cultural, History, Lifestyle

  • About Lord Ganesh, Lord Krishna and Lord Hanuman
  • Listen to holy chants
  • Participate in a quiz

"Kendia"- a cultural exchange between Kenya & India

Genre: Travel, Cultural, Fun

  • Do something amazing: communicate with Kenya and India at the same time
  • India and Kenya: learn interesting things about the two countries
  • Ask questions and get answers from both the Hosts

ॐ ( OM ) - Vedic Sanskrit Mantra Meditation

Genre: Cultural, India, Mindfulness

  • Learn all about the symbol ॐ ( OM )
  • Know about the four sounds of ॐ ( OM )
  • See how Meditation is done on ॐ ( OM )

Haridwar - Holy City of India

Genre: Travel, Cultural, India

  • Visit the popular spots in Haridwar
  • Listen to mythological stories from Hindu culture
  • Immerse yourself in riot of colours, holy chants and nature

Rishikesh - Yoga Capital of the World

Genre: Nature, Cultural, India

  • Visit temples & ashrams
  • See the suspension bridge - Lakshman Jhoola
  • Experience holy River Ganges

Diwali - India's Festival of Lights

Genre: Cultural, India, Fun

  • Take a tour of beautifully decorated homes for Diwali
  • See a popular Diwali dessert being cooked
  • Visit a Hindu Temple for the special Diwali prayer

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