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Alsace Architecture/Roman Cobblestones in Turckheim, France

Genre: France, Cultural, Architecture

Live from: Turckheim, France

  • Discover the Porte de France, the old medieval city gate with a pink glow
  • Explore the Église Saint-Anne, a picturesque church with a gothic-bell tower
  • Check out the Porte de Munster (Obertor), the main city gate with fascinating gargoyles, surrounded by half-timbered houses
30 minutes

Ribeauvillé: "Beauty and the Beast" Town

Genre: France, Architecture, Cultural

Live from: Ribeauvillé, France

  • Explore the REAL LIFE inspiration to the Beauty and the Beast: Ribeauvillé!
  • Discover the cobblestone streets, gorgeous fountains & great views on La Grande Rue, the biggest street in town
  • Marvel at the picturesque tucked-away courtyards that inspired the famous film
30 minutes

Colmar’s Little Venice in France

Genre: Architecture, France, Cultural

Live from: Colmar, France

  • Check out Colmar’s #1 tourist destination: Little Venice
  • See breathtaking canals and gorgeous views
  • Discover stunning half timbered houses and quaint bridges
30 minutes

The Charming Strasbourg Old Town, France

Genre: Architecture, Art, France

Live from: Strasbourg, France

  • See the magnificent Strasbourg Cathedral, known as Strasbourg Minster, from the 12th Century
  • Discover the most picturesque neighborhood of old town with quaint half-timbered houses dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries
  • Wander through narrow cobblestone streets, covered bridges and dams, with panoramic views of the city
30 minutes

Strasbourg Sunset in the Alsace Wine Region

Genre: France, Architecture, Art

Live from: Strasbourg, France

  • Explore cobblestone streets, quaint shops and friendly locals
  • Discover the Strasbourg bridges, some of which rotate to accommodate passing boats
  • Enjoy a gorgeous sunset in one of Strasbourg's most picturesque streets
30 minutes

Switzerland’s Hidden Gem: Basel

Genre: Architecture, Art, Cultural

Live from: Basel, Switzerland

  • Explore Basel's stunning red and gold town hall, captivating for all!
  • See the famous Swiss fountains, each with a different pattern and design
  • Walk across the Mittlere Bridge, the historic stone bridge that gives you a gorgeous view of clear blue water
30 minutes

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