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Featured Shows

The most secluded area of Venice

Genre: Venice, Architecture, History

  • The Church of Madonna dell'Orto
  • The Mori, the merchants who moved from Greece to Venice
  • Ca' Mastelli, the house with a camel

Punta della Salute, where Venice's Grand Canal begins

Genre: Venice, Architecture

  • The Church of Madonna della Salute
  • The former Customs House
  • The tip with views over the Grand Canal, the Pool of St. Mark and the Giudecca Canal

Mazzorbo, Burano's untraveled neighbour

Genre: Venice, Architecture, Cultural

  • The coloured houses of the island
  • The church of Santa Caterina
  • The view over the lagoon
  • The 1980s public housing district
  • The vineyard and the communal vegetable garden

The Jewish ghetto of Venice

Genre: Venice, History, Travel

  • Campo del Ghetto Novo with the memorial to the Venetian Jews killed in the Nazi death camps.
  • The five synagogues
  • The small Hasidic community

The Island of San Giorgio in Venice

Genre: History, Venice, Cultural

  • Palladio's church of San Giorgio Maggiore
  • precious glasswork at Le Stanze del Vetro exhibition hall
  • The view over Venice and St. Mark's Pool

Venice's most famous promenade

Genre: Venice

  • The waterfront view over the lagoon
  • The main entrance to the Arsenale, the shipyard of the Most Serene Republic
  • Hotel Danieli, aka Palazzo Dandolo, splendor of the 1300's

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