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Featured Shows

Treasures of Rome, a new treasure each week

Genre: History, Series, Art, Rome

  • A new episode each week on known and not-so-known gems of the marvelous city of Rome
  • Discover the incredible stories and legends that come with them
  • Live from Rome. Beamz Star Host Federica live in the streets of Rome.

The Dark side of Rome - Halloween Special

Genre: History, Travel, Rome

  • Discover the most popular locations where ghosts hang out in Rome
  • Learn about the creepiest ghost stories of the city!
  • Get ready to see the dark side of Rome!

Fairytale Trastevere and the Island of Rome

Genre: Travel, Rome, History

  • Learn the origins of Trastevere and why it looks so different from the rest of the city
  • See some of the most ancient medieval houses of the city
  • Explore the one and only island of Rome and the Tiber river!

Ides of March: the last day of Julius Caesar

Genre: Rome, Travel, History

  • Explore the very route Julius Caesar walked before he was assassinated
  • See the very place where 23 senators that took part of the conspiracy stabbed Caesar
  • Discover the Forum of Caesar, one of the last places Caesar’s saw on the Ides of March

Roman Forum: the heart of the ancient city of Rome

Genre: Rome, Travel, History

  • Learn what a forum is and how it looked like originally (You’ll be amazed!)
  • See the most spectacular views over the glorious heart of Ancient Rome
  • Explore some of the original ancient Roman streets and their cobblestones!

The Rose Garden of Rome and the Circus Maximus

Genre: Rome, Travel, History

  • Discover the Rose Garden of Rome in its first seasonal opening of 2021!
  • See spectacular views of the Imperial Palace ruins on the Palatine hill
  • Learn how the Circus Maximus looked like originally

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