Cap Frehel

Genre: Cultural, Travel

Live from: Brittany, France

  • Stunning Nature
  • Light House
  • Brit Coastal
45 minutes

Two Love Stories Between Two Bridges in Kyiv

Genre: Kyiv

Live from: Kyiv

  • Bridge of Love
  • Glass Bridge
  • Arch of Friendship
  • Puppet Theater (Fairy Tale Castle)
45 minutes

Stories Written by Blood on Ukrainian Land. Part 1.

Genre: Kyiv, Support Ukraine

Live from: Kyiv

  • I will stream this show live from home.
  • Our ballet dancers, cameramen, champions, sportsmen, and businessmen became soldiers for Ukraine. Many of them died for our victory and freedom. I want to bring their faces and names to you.
  • I will tell you the stories of our amazing heroes.
  • They deserve to be seen and heard!
45 minutes

Dublin Castle -seat of British Government for 700 years

Genre: History, Dublin

Live from: Dublin

  • State Apartments
  • RoundTower/Prison Tower
  • Dubh Linn Gardens
45 minutes

Uganda’s National Gallery

Genre: Art

Live from: Uganda

  • Arts
  • Months exhibition
  • Sculptures
  • International exhibitions if available
  • Past , present & future people heritage visions
30 minutes

African-Ugandan Village- a walk through my community

Genre: Lifestyle, Africa

Live from: Gulu

  • Rural centre
  • Village off beaten path
  • Water points
  • Dust and more dust
  • Greeneries
1 hour

Boat Trip along the Canals of St. Petersburg

Genre: Saint Petersburg, Travel

Live from: Saint Petersburg

  • Main rivers of the city: Neva, Moyka and Fontanka
  • Numerous canals of the downtown
  • Exclusive experience on a private boat
1 hour

Marseille: The old harbour from the citadelle

Genre: History, Paris, France

Live from: Marseille

  • The harbour
  • The old citadelle
  • The atmosphere
45 minutes

Chicago After Dark - Art on theMart

Genre: Art, Architecture, Chicago

Live from: Chicago

  • See digital artists and musicians transform theMart's 2.5 acre facade into multimedia art
  • Watch the new "Ba Boom Boom Pa Pop Pop" show by the internationally acclaimed Nick Cave
  • Discover how Joseph P. Kennedy turned the Merchandise Mart into the most profitable investment he ever made
1 hour

The Villa dei Mosaici in Spello - Umbria, Italy

Genre: History, Umbria, Italy, Architecture

Live from: Spello

  • Museum Villa dei Mosaici
  • Mosaic technique
  • Roman House
45 minutes

D-Day in Normandy: Omaha Beach

Genre: History, Mini-series, Travel

Live from: Calvados, France

  • Discover one of the D-Day key spots
  • Learn all about what happened on 6th of June 1944
  • Get your questions answered by expert guide Patrick
30 minutes

Stop Putin Now

Genre: Stop Putin, Support Ukraine

Live from: United States

Show #1

30 minutes