An adventure on 4 wheels in La Paz, Bolivia

Genre: Bolivia, Action, History

Live from: La Paz

  • Vehicular traffic
  • Up and down the streets
  • People in between cars
30 minutes

Swanky and hip - Prague's Letná district

Genre: History, Prague, Travel, Cultural, Food & Drink

Live from: Prague

  • get to see the authentic streets of Prague
  • jewels of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Modernism
  • streetcars, beergardens, foodie places
30 minutes

Live from Ukraine

Genre: Kyiv, Support Ukraine

Live from: Kyiv

Find out everything about current situation in Ukraine

1 hour

Foundation of the La Paz city in Bolivia

Genre: Bolivia, History

Live from: La Paz

  • Fight to be free
  • 474 years of the function of one of the highest cities in Bolivia
30 minutes

Storm the Bastille! A 5-chapter Paris Epic

Genre: History, Paris, Series

Live from: Paris, France

  • A historic mini-series about the storming the Bastille & the French Revolution
  • Listen, watch and walk the locations where the actions took place
  • 5 chapters to relive that gripping day, the 14th of July, 1789
30 minutes

Bory Castle- The Most Romantic Castle of Hungary

Genre: Art, Architecture

Live from: Székesfehérvár

  • The amazing gardens with different sculptures
  • The 100 pillars courtyard and views from the towers
  • Art Gallery
45 minutes

A Walk Along the Shores of Croatia's Vrana Lake - part 1

Genre: Nature

Live from: Vrana Lake

  • A stroll along Croatia's lake
  • Prosika Channel
  • Lookout
45 minutes

Wild Laughs with Audrey Stewart

Genre: Improv/Comedy, Fun

Live from: Los Angeles

  • Each episode with a different comedian guest
  • Jokes about ADHD, social commentary
  • 30 minutes of guaranteed laugh whilst interacting with Audrey
30 minutes

Dos & Don'ts: Cross Cultural Africa

Genre: Africa

  • Taboos
  • What to do
  • What not to do
30 minutes

Gods of India

Genre: Cultural, History, Lifestyle

Live from: Delhi

  • About Lord Ganesh, Lord Krishna and Lord Hanuman
  • Listen to holy chants
  • Participate in a quiz
30 minutes

Trinity College Ireland's most celebrated university

Genre: Ireland, History

Live from: Dublin

  • Parliament Square
  • The Book of Kells
  • Samuel Beckett
45 minutes

Bet Shearim most mysterious Jewish cemetery In the World?

Genre: History, Cultural, Israel

Live from: Israel

  • See hundreds of graves and sarcophagi hidden in the actual catacombs
  • Get inside the cave museum to see apparently the oldest perfectly rectangular slab of glass of a mysterious origin
  • Learn about some of the biggest archeological mysteries. And evaluate some plausible explanations
1 hour