Frequently asked questions

Need help using our platform? See if any of the answers below can solve your issue. If not, please use the email in the bottom to get in touch with us.

A – If you go to our Calendar, you can see all the dates for all our future shows. The best part is that every time you see is already shown in your own time zone.

A - Did you join the stream, but the show hasn’t begun? Did you join the stream but your screen is blank?

Few solutions here:

  1. You can double check the actual starting time on the Calendar, and make sure you have the right time.
  2. Or you might have this icon:
    If this is the case, click that yellow button to start the show.
  3. Most of the time, you can just refresh the streaming page. You can hit the circling arrow at the top left (red square), or hit the "back" button (blue square) at the top left of the streaming page:

A - There is no need to cancel your participation.To join the show on another date, you can use the same link. Alternatively, if you want to receive reminders and check future available dates for your show, visit the show page. To see the future dates of all of our shows, you can also visit our calendar page.

A - BeamZ operates on an innovative pay-what-you-want model. There are no ads, nothing to disrupt the Beamz shows – voluntary payments are the only source of revenue for the show producer. You watch the shows for free and decide the amount you want to pay your host. The top right of the show screen features a « pay host » button. You can click there at any time. That button prompts a « pay host » window where you can securely enter your payment method and the amount you wish to pay. You can use most credit cards, including AmEx, and Paypal. Payments are processed securely, not by Beamz but by an independent bank. You can choose a currency of their choice. After you pay, you'll receive a recap email. Your payment is also recorded on your Beamz account, under the « payments» tab on the left menu.

A - Have you joined the show, it began and you can’t hear a thing? You can find a small SOUND ICON on the top right of your screen, that looks like this:

Click this icon to unmute the show. You can click it again to mute the show at any time.

A - If you are having issues regarding the quality of either the video or the audio of the show, try refreshing the streaming page.

You can click the circling arrow at the top left (red square), or the "back" button (blue square) at the top left of the live stream's page:

A - Is the chat taking way too much space on your screen? Is it compromising you experience? You can hide the chat at any time by hitting the CHAT ICON:

You can bring the chat back on with the same action.

A - Before taking a screenshot, make sure the chats have been hidden by clicking on the chat icon so that the chats don’t get in your shot.

For iPhone users - simultaneously press the volume up button and side lock button and then release. Or press the Side button and the Home button at the same time.

For Android users – simultaneously press the volume down button and the side lock button then release. Or slide three fingers on the screen.

To bring the chat back click on the white bubbles again.

A - Having you been expecting an email from Beamz, and never got it? Perhaps a reminder email for a show you were eager to see, but ended up missing out?

Sometimes our email can be classified as junk mail by your email provider. Check your spam box. If you find nothing there, then log out and sign up for Beamz again with an alternative email address, if you have one.

A - If you wish to unsubscribe, click on the "unsubscribe" button located at the bottom of our newsletters.

Please note that the un-subscription is for that particular mailing list. So you can choose to unsubscribe from an email that you do not wish to see anymore and you will continue to receive the emails that you enjoy. You will still remain a member of our community and you can continue to sign up for our shows.

On the top right corner of this BeamZ page, you'll see three buttons: calendar, categories, dashboard.

To log out of the existing account please follow these steps:

  1. Click on Dashboard
  2. A name appears on the top right of the page in grey
  3. Click on it - a drop-down menu should appear with an option to "log out". Click on it.

The page will change and now you'll see "account" (instead of “dashboard”) on the top right. If you click on “account” you’ll be able to sign in with another account or register a new one.

A - If you don’t choose a username, it will be generated automatically with a part of your user email. You can change your user name any time by heading to your dashboard. From there, you can click the PROFILE option on the left menu and change your Username.

A - Do you want to have a bigger role in the Beamz community, and have your own Live Show streaming on our platform? Do you have a passion you want to share with the world? Do you have an idea for a great show? You can become a host on our platform and produce your own show!

Producing a show is a lot of fun! You produce a great show, while building and nurturing your fan base, all while you develop content about the things you love the most. With dedication, your passion can become your work. If you feel up to the task of reaching for your dreams, read on here.

A - If you have gone through our FAQ list but still haven’t solved your issue (or answered your question), just reach out to us at with details of your problem/question. If you want to give us some feedback on what you like about us, or what you think could be better, do reach out.

  • How does it work?
    • You take a snap from the show you're watching
    • A pop-up window will appear on your screen with the option to share your snap on Facebook
    • You click on that button and the snapshot you captured will be shared on your Facebook personal feed
    • You get 1 point for each post of snapshot you make on Facebook (we will add additional social media platforms in the future)
  • Rules:
    • 1 post = 1 point
    • To earn the point you have to use BeamZ Facebook share button
    • Free captions! Write anything you want to
    • Keep track of your Snap it Up Points on your profile section on BeamZ website
  • Host Points:
    • Every time you earn a Snap it Up point you will also get a Host Point with the host of the show you are watching.
    • Become a super fan of your favorite host
    • The amount of points is recorded automatically for both Programs
    • Help your favorite host to increase their audience