Top Spain Shows

A walk back in the History of Spain

Genre: Cultural, History, Spain

Live from: Santander

  • Did you know Spain has some of the best prehistoric discoveries in Europe? We talk about that on this show!
  • From Empire to crumbles and dictatorship; I tell you about the trauma of my people
  • Your host is a native Spanish born historian: immersion is guaranteed
1 hour

Magdalena Peninsula: Beauty & Horror in Northern Spain

Genre: History, Spain

  • Spectacular views of both the bay of Santander and the Cantabrian sea
  • History of the 20th century in this region
  • See where dictator Franco's first concentration camp of Spain used to be
1 hour

Lovely walk through El Sardinero Beach (Santander, Spain)

Genre: Cultural, Spain, Nature

Live from: Spain

  • Lilly comes home to the Catanbrian sea. El Sardinero beach
  • Learn about the culture of Cantabria and the city of Santander
  • And all this while walking with a local, so you get a real first hand experience
45 minutes

Eating like a local in Santander, Spain - Food Show

Genre: Food & Drink, Spain

Live from: Spain

  • Let Lilly introduce you to the typical Spanish foods of her youth
  • Take in the atmosphere and vibe of the culture of eating out in Spain
  • See it all from the perspective of a native that loves food first and foremost!
1 hour 30 mins