Top Series Shows

Farewell tour from home, to find solution together

Genre: History, Series, Paris

  • Beamz exclusive. Each with one key date, a Paris landmark, and a colorful personality
  • Show-host is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, versatile Patrick Herpe
  • Weekly series a new neighborhood and a new story each week.

Landmarks of the Southwest - Season 2: discover something new with each episode

Genre: Travel, Series, Bulgaria

  • Make a new discovery with every episode
  • Find a little something for yourself, whether you're a fan of culture, nature or history
  • Hear local stories from a local storyteller

Sacred, Mystical and Spiritual Places in Paris :

Genre: Series, Cultural, Paris

  • Each episode features a different place and story
  • Explore the most beautiful churches and other places of worship in Paris
  • Perfect for lovers of spiritual journeys, history, theology or simply for the curious!

Series: Trier's Street Art and Public Art

Genre: Art, Series

  • Colourful Street Art
  • Sculptures
  • Fountains

Paris' Great Americans. A fresh episode each week.

Genre: Paris, Series, Cultural

  • Discover the link between USA and France
  • Learn how famous Americans spent their time in Paris
  • Each episode features a different place and a different story

The Spanish Golden Age (7 Pt. series) - Economy Pt. 6

Genre: History, Series, Spain

  • Learn about how the Spanish Empire managed its economy
  • Discover the impact imperial economic policy had on ordinary citizens
  • We unveil the Spanish crown's skeletons in the closest and their poor investments

The Treasures of Rome

Genre: Rome, History, Series

  • 12 episodes with known and not-so-known gems of the marvelous city of Rome
  • The incredible stories and legends that come with it
  • Live from Rome. Beamz Star Host Federica live in the streets of Rome.

Untold History of Lima Series

Genre: History, Series, Mini-series, Lima, Peru

  • This is a series of 9 chapters, in which we will visit areas and talk about different characters each time
  • We will learn about the stories of some characters of Lima during colonial times
  • We will see comparison photographies and paintings of different areas of Lima

The Spanish Golden Age (7 Pt series) - Spanish Religion Pt 5

Genre: Series, Spain, History

  • Learn everything about the Spanish Golden Age: from its origins, to art, economics and decline
  • Episode 5 - discussion of the religious affairs of Spain, including religious persecution
  • Based on a university module delivered by Dr Cespedes Gonzalez herself!

Israel & Me. Aliyah Adventures. New episode each week.

Genre: Series, Cultural, Israel

  • Get to know me and my story of Aliyah better
  • Learn more about everyday life in Israel
  • Ask your questions

The Prague Ghost Series

Genre: Prague, Travel, Series

  • Haunted places of Prague, both famous landmarks and hidden corners
  • Hear the background stories of Prague ghosts, told across centuries
  • Theme of the secret 5th episode will be hinted throughout the series

Alexander Down Under: Australian Foods

Genre: Series, Food & Drink, Fun, Melbourne

  • Alex will try out different Australian snacks and describe what they taste like
  • You will learn about each food and the meaning behind it.
  • In each episode we will try something a little different!