Top Rome Shows

Rome: Jewish Ghetto and the Ancient Fish Market

Genre: Rome, Travel, History

  • Spectacular ancient ruins: Theatre of Marcellus and Portico of Octavia
  • Stories of the Jewish community in Rome, the most ancient Jewish community in Europe
  • Typical Roman dishes you could try on your next visit to Rome!

Trevi fountain and the track of an ancient Roman aqueduct

Genre: Rome, History, Travel

  • Learn the meaning of the Trevi fountain
  • See the ruins of an ancient Roman aqueduct still in function today
  • Let me toss a coin for you, while you make your wish!

Little and Picturesque Alleys of Rome

Genre: Rome, Travel

  • Learn the way streets are named in Rome: there is always a story behind!
  • See the most picturesque corners of Rome, only known by the locals
  • Explore Rome like you never did before!

Ides of March: the last day of Julius Caesar

Genre: Rome, Travel, History

  • Explore the very route Julius Caesar walked before he was assassinated
  • See the very place where 23 senators that took part of the conspiracy stabbed Caesar
  • Discover the Forum of Caesar, one of the last places Caesar’s saw on the Ides of March

Egyptian Treasure hunting of Rome

Genre: History, Travel, Rome

  • Discover 6 hidden Egyptian things in Rome to discover with a 30 mins walk!
  • Learn about the view the Ancient Romans had about Egyptian culture
  • Explore these super hidden gems among very known locations of the city!

Orange garden: the most romantic park of Rome

Genre: History, Travel, Rome

  • See one of the most beautiful panoramic terraces in Rome
  • Discover the Aventine hill area of Rome
  • Learn about a secret keyhole, we will look into it!

Ancient Rome: Hidden Gems and Iconic Places

Genre: Travel, Rome, History

• Discover Rome's treasures of antiquity and faith
• Piazza Navona and Pantheon

The Terrace of Rome: Janiculum hill

Genre: Rome, History, Cultural

  • See one of the most beautiful panoramic terraces of Rome
  • Learn about the Janiculum cannon that shoots every day!
  • Discover spectacular Renaissance architectures

The Forum of Augustus and its “behind the scenes”

Genre: History, Rome

  • Learn why Augustus “found a city of bricks and turned it into a city of marble”
  • See the majestic temple of Mars Ultor
  • Discover what’s “behind the scenes” of Augustus’ Forum

Rome: Spanish Steps and The Designer Shopping Street

Genre: Rome, History, Fashion

  • Learn how the Spanish steps.. are not that Spanish after all!
  • See the most famous high-end shopping street of Rome
  • Explore Piazza di Spagna and its Barcaccia fountain

Rome: The wonders of Bernini

Genre: Art, Rome, Architecture

  • Discover all the wonders that Bernini made in Rome
  • Learn about Bernini's personality
  • See the locations of Bernini's life

Colosseum and the gladiator training center in Rome

Genre: Rome, Travel, History

  • Learn the story of the Colosseum and why it is surrounded by this aura of glory still today.
  • See close-ups and details of this majestic 2000-year-old building!
  • Discover the one and only gladiators’ training center still visible today in Rome!