Top Paris Shows

Bastille day: Fireworks in Crepy en Valois

Genre: Paris, France

  • Firework
  • Middle age city
  • Bastille day

Let's find the best bakery/pastry in Paris!

Genre: Food & Drink, Paris

  • Each week, we will discover 2 or 3 bakeries in Paris and taste their yummiest pastries together
  • Famous pastry chef, historical and cultural background about the bakeries and the neighborhoods, french tips to assess a good croissant, I'll tell you all!
  • Live experience! Let's have a good time together and watch me gain some weight for winter ;-)

Let Patrick be your Chef #6: Fried Camembert NEW

Genre: Cooking, Paris

  • Home recipe
  • DIY
  • Quiche Lorraine

Spooky Paris Show

Genre: History, Paris, Travel

  • Myths and legends of the Middle Ages
  • Gorgeous buildings and monuments full of mystery
  • Crimes of today and how they link to the past

Brittany Special: Dinard

Genre: Travel, Paris

  • Admire the old "golden age" houses
  • Discover a charming seaside resort
  • have a look of the beautiful food shop

Sacred, Mystical and Spiritual Places in Paris :

Genre: Series, Cultural, Paris

  • Each episode features a different place and story
  • Explore the most beautiful churches and other places of worship in Paris
  • Perfect for lovers of spiritual journeys, history, theology or simply for the curious!

From Saint-Sulpice to Saint-Germain

Genre: Paris, History, Cultural

  • Amazing frescos in Saint-Sulpice by Delacroix
  • Charming and old medieval streets
  • The Church of Saint Germain-des-Près, fully renovated

WWII: The Battle of Paris

Genre: Paris, History, Travel

  • Learn about WWII as per my father's memories
  • See landmarks like Notre Dame and Police Headquarters
  • Get your WWII questions answered


Genre: Travel, Paris

  • The harbour
  • The town
  • The seaside

Let Patrick be your Chef n°6: Fried Camembert

Genre: Food & Drink, Cooking, Paris

  • My home
  • The recipe

Rhoderic Land revisits Elvis Presley

Genre: Live Music, Paris

For a sneak peak, check out Rhoderic's BeamZ audition video below

We loved it!

  • “Love me tender”
  • “Don’t be cruel”
  • “Heartbreak hotel”, and many more…

Great Women of Paris: Casque D'or

Genre: History, Cultural, Paris

  • From Home
  • Patrick's Story Telling
  • The Life of Casque d'or