Top Mini-series Shows

How to Create the Life of Your Dreams: Part 4

Genre: Coaching, Mini-series

  • Give your life an energy boost
  • 5 episodes that build upon one another
  • Learn simple steps to a happy, healthy life

Untold History of Lima Series

Genre: History, Series, Mini-series, Lima, Peru

  • This is a series of 9 chapters, in which we will visit areas and talk about different characters each time
  • We will learn about the stories of some characters of Lima during colonial times
  • We will see comparison photographies and paintings of different areas of Lima

Prague Baroque Series

Genre: History, Prague, Mini-series

  • high quality 360° pictures, 3D models and rare photography
  • lots and lots of eye candy
  • learn about the fascinating world of the baroque culture and worldview

Louvre Palace and Tuileries Gardens

Genre: Paris, Travel, Mini-series

  • Beautiful French gardens
  • Napoleon’s Carrousel Arch
  • The controversial glass Louvre Pyramid

Place des Vosges to Bastille

Genre: Paris, Travel, Mini-series

  • Beautiful mansions from the 1600’s.
  • Victor Hugo’s house
  • The ground markings of the old Bastille Prison

Tasting street food in the culinary capital of South America

Genre: Series, Cultural, Mini-series, Food & Drink, Lima, Peru, Fun

  • This is a series of culinary-focused experiences, we will try different street food each time (desserts or salty dishes)
  • Our locations will be street markets and food fairs located in different parts of Lima
  • We will learn a bit about the history, ingredients and preparation of the dishes that we will try out in each tour

Alexander Down Under: Ask Me Anything

Genre: Cultural, Fun, Lifestyle, Melbourne, Mini-series, Reality TV, Series

  • Alexander will be prepared for any questions thrown his way
  • Ask questions about Australia, Melbourne or Alex's personal life!

Tales of Edinburgh's Darker Side: Part 1

Genre: Edinburgh, History, Mini-series

  • Edinburgh Castle place of torture, murder and burnings
  • West Bow home to a Warlock and his sister
  • Lawnmarket place of executions, murder and the Edinburgh mob

D-Day in Normandy: Omaha Beach

Genre: History, Mini-series, Travel

  • Discover one of the D-Day key spots
  • Learn all about what happened on 6th of June 1944
  • Get your questions answered by expert guide Patrick

Tales of Edinburgh's Darker Side: Part 3

Genre: Edinburgh, History, Mini-series

  • The story of Burke and Hare
  • Half Hangit Maggie, the one who got away
  • Haunted pub and a playful spirit

Paris: The Palais-Royal, the Locals Royal Hangout

Genre: Paris, History, Mini-series

  • The secret sundial canon
  • The amazing columns of Daniel Buren
  • The original Parisian den of sin and vice

The Lima City Horror Stories

Genre: Series, Mini-series, Lima, Peru

  • We will visit different locations famous for their horror stories and paranormal activities.
  • We will hear about all kinds of creepy stories and urban legends, ghosts, crimes , suicides and more
  • Each episode will take you to a different location.