Top Mindfulness Shows

The Happy Class with Scott Fitzgerald

Genre: Lifestyle, Fun, Mindfulness

  • We all want to be happy--let's find it together
  • Share your experiences and what works for you
  • Ask questions for Scott to answer live or say, "Hey, I want to be heard," and you can be on live

Psychic Reading: Gemstones & Cards

Genre: Lifestyle, Tarot, Mindfulness

  • Get intuitive advice through gemstones
  • Relax as others get readings
  • Chat with others present to find intuitives like yourself!

Reiki Healing

Genre: Mindfulness, Tarot

  • Experience Reiki healing
  • Participate in guided meditation
  • Feel more balanced and uplifted

Grave Park

Genre: Nature, Mindfulness

  • Graves
  • Park
  • Church
  • Bits of city shops

Guided Manifestation Meditation & Discussion

Genre: Mindfulness, Tarot

  • Guided meditation and manifestation discussion on new moons
  • Connect to universe and find inner love, light and peace
  • Locate and eradicate blocks that hold you back

ॐ ( OM ) - Vedic Sanskrit Mantra Meditation

Genre: Cultural, India, Mindfulness

  • Learn all about the symbol ॐ ( OM )
  • Know about the four sounds of ॐ ( OM )
  • See how Meditation is done on ॐ ( OM )

How to Create the Life of Your Dreams: Part 5

Genre: Coaching, Mini-series, Mindfulness

  • Give your life an energy boost
  • 5 episodes that build upon one another
  • Learn simple steps to a happy, healthy life

Guided Meditation For Deep Relaxation

Genre: Coaching, Lifestyle, Melbourne, Mindfulness

  • Quick chat before and after about meditation
  • Calming Australian voice to help you achieve the most of this session
  • Easy to follow techniques
  • Effective in bringing yourself back to the present
  • The perfect gift for yourself