Top Melbourne Shows

Guided Meditation For Deep Relaxation

Genre: Coaching, Lifestyle, Melbourne, Mindfulness

  • Quick chat before and after about meditation
  • Calming Australian voice to help you achieve the most of this session
  • Easy to follow techniques
  • Effective in bringing yourself back to the present
  • The perfect gift for yourself

Melbourne Ghost Hunting with Stories

Genre: Reality TV, Fun, Melbourne

  • Alexander will show you some haunted spots in Melbourne and share stories of why they're haunted
  • We will use an official ghost detector to see if there are any ghosts around
  • Spooky ghost stories to keep you on your feet!

Exploring Melbourne's Most Colourful Beach

Genre: Reality TV, Lifestyle, Melbourne

  • Slight History of the beach
  • Delight in exquisite views and listen to the Australian waves crashing
  • Explore the beautiful and colourful Bathing Boxes. Will you have any favourites?
  • Share what we're grateful for as we wrap things up

Alexander Down Under: Ask Me Anything

Genre: Cultural, Fun, Lifestyle, Melbourne, Mini-series, Reality TV, Series

  • Alexander will be prepared for any questions thrown his way
  • Ask questions about Australia, Melbourne or Alex's personal life!

Spotting Wild Kangaroos Down Under (LIVE)

Genre: Nature, Travel, Melbourne

  • Observe Eastern Grey Kangaroos grazing away in their natural habitat
  • Hear an indigenous story about Kangaroos
  • Soak in the Australian forest and discover other wildlife!

Alexander Down Under: Australian Slang

Genre: Series, Cultural, Reality TV, Fun, Melbourne

  • Learn why Aussies speak the way they do and how to sound like an Aussie
  • Prepare to write down a ton of Australian abbreviations
  • We'll finish off by learning some Aussie slang so that when you do visit Australia, you'll fit right in!

Wandering Through Melbourne's Treasured Botanical Gardens

Genre: Melbourne, Nature, Animal

  • Learn about the botanical garden's history and meaning
  • Enjoy a variety of different flora and fauna
  • Soak in the tranquility as you experience a botanical adventure like none other

Welcome to Melbourne! Australia's Culture Capital

Genre: History, Travel, Cultural, Reality TV, Melbourne

  • Alexander is going to show you why Melbourne became so cultured in the first place
  • We will then journey through the city centre and explore different sights and stunning architectural monuments
  • Alexander will teach you more about Melbourne and Australia and share some riveting facts along the way
  • As an added bonus, Alexander will be teaching you some Aussie slang so that when you do eventually visit, you're prepared to blend in
  • And lots of fun and laughter.

Alexander Down Under: Australian Foods

Genre: Series, Food & Drink, Fun, Melbourne

  • Alex will try out different Australian snacks and describe what they taste like
  • You will learn about each food and the meaning behind it.
  • In each episode we will try something a little different!