Top Lima Shows

The Lima City Horror Stories

Genre: Series, Mini-series, Lima, Peru

  • We will visit different locations famous for their horror stories and paranormal activities.
  • We will hear about all kinds of creepy stories and urban legends, ghosts, crimes , suicides and more
  • Each episode will take you to a different location.

Sunset Tour of Lima

Genre: Travel, Lima

  • Relax by the sea and join me in the most magical hour of the day in Lima.
  • Hear some ancients legends related to the sea and learn about indigenous mythology associated with the ocean
  • Visit with me the local Surfers paradise and simply enjoy the view

Explore the mind of a Peruvian urban artist

Genre: Art, Lima, Peru

  • Private art collection in an old Barranquino ranch from the 1920’s
  • Learn about the evolution of a Peruvian artist with international recognition
  • Museum's art shop

Explore a mud-brick pyramid in Lima

Genre: History, Cultural, Lima, Peru

-We will climb up to the top of a mud-brick temple to get a great view of this area
-Learn about the prehispanic history of Lima
-See the impact of modernity in ancient archaeological sites Peru.

Untold chronicles of Peru’s history - From Home Series

Genre: History, Lima, Peru

  • Learn about the darkest episodes of our history that are not openly mentioned in history books.
  • We will learn about a different story each week, we will advise about next weeks theme at the end of the show
  • We will use maps, images, videos to be transported to different times of our history.

Tasting street food in the culinary capital of South America

Genre: Series, Cultural, Mini-series, Food & Drink, Lima, Peru, Fun

  • This is a series of culinary-focused experiences, we will try different street food each time (desserts or salty dishes)
  • Our locations will be street markets and food fairs located in different parts of Lima
  • We will learn a bit about the history, ingredients and preparation of the dishes that we will try out in each tour

Untold History of Lima Series

Genre: History, Series, Mini-series, Lima, Peru

  • This is a series of 9 chapters, in which we will visit areas and talk about different characters each time
  • We will learn about the stories of some characters of Lima during colonial times
  • We will see comparison photographies and paintings of different areas of Lima

Miraflores, most romantic ocean view of Lima

Genre: History, Lima, Peru

  • Central park of Miraflores with locals souvenirs and historic buildings
  • Old pathway to the beach, with the most expensive apartments of the district
  • Wonderful ocean view at the Love Park

Barranco, the Bohemian District of Lima

Genre: Art, Cultural, Lima, Peru

  • Colorful murals and street art by local artists
  • Our own famous ”Bridge of Sighs”
  • Beautiful stone beach

Lima's Graffiti and Street art tour series

Genre: Art, Lima, Peru

  • Visit an off the beaten path circuit of art in Lima
  • Learn the stories behind the most famous Murals and Graffities of Lima
  • Learn the history of our famous ”grafiteros” and street artists and maybe get to see them in action

Colonial Treasures of Downtown Lima

Genre: Travel, Cultural, Lima

  • We will see the most beautiful colonial buildings of Lima and learn their history, colorful pedestrian streets filled with stores, restaurants, and museums.
  • Main Square area surrounded by the Cathedral and Presidential palace of Peru
  • Each time you join this tour there will be something new to see.