Top Kyiv Shows

Ukraine’s Independence Day in Kyiv

Genre: Kyiv, Ukraine, Support Ukraine

  • Golden Gate
  • St. Sophia cathedral
  • Independence Square

Stunning Christmas Lights in Kyiv and the Story of one Song

Genre: Fun, Kyiv, Christmas

  • Lower City and Upper City Christmas Markets
  • Sophia's Square in its Christmas Splendor
  • Michael’s Square
  • Main Christmas Tree in Ukraine

Ukrainian Potato Pancakes, Deruny

Genre: Kyiv

  • Cooking Delicious Ukrainian recipes.
  • These Potato Pancakes are stuffed and cooked with a juicy meat patty inside.
  • It is a delicious surprise!

Kyiv Unbreakable

Genre: History, Kyiv, Support Ukraine

  • Golden Gate, St. Sophia Cathedral, Monuments to Yaroslav the Wise and Hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky
  • Interactive and personable walk with a passionate guide
  • Magnificent architecture and incredible history

Inside the Gorgeous St. Sophia Cathedral

Genre: Art, Cultural, Kyiv

  • St. Sophia Cathedral
  • The House of Metropolitan
  • Great Bell tower

Carol of the Bells. A song born in Ukraine.

Genre: Kyiv, Christmas

Amazing light and music show about the history of that Christmas Holiday all-time, all-American favorite: the Carol of the Bells. You will be intrigued.

Kyiv’s Montmartre by Night. Cobblestoned Andrew's Descent

Genre: History, Kyiv

  • St. Andrew’s Church
  • Landscape Alley
  • St. Andrew's Descent
  • Square of Contracts

President Zelensky. Courage That Surprised the World

Genre: Kyiv, Stop Putin, Support Ukraine

  • My heart is overflowed with admiration and respect for our President of Ukraine, Voldomyr Zelensky
  • I am proud to be a Ukrainian citizen and I want to tell you about his life and path to power.

Immersive Art with Olga. Klimt and Renoir, the Symbolism of Love.

Genre: Art, Kyiv

I will stream this show from my digital art gallery. Immersive media will surround us with interactive sight and sound to create engaging experiences that expand reality.

Two Love Stories Between Two Bridges in Kyiv

Genre: Kyiv

  • Bridge of Love
  • Glass Bridge
  • Arch of Friendship
  • Puppet Theater (Fairy Tale Castle)

Ukraine Crucified

Genre: Kyiv, Support Ukraine

  • Bomb shelter, fragments of rockets, booby traps
  • You will see war the same way the civilian population of Ukraine are enduring it
  • with Olga, live from home in Ukraine, with films I made for you

Let’s Learn Ukrainian!

Genre: Kyiv, Art, Support Ukraine

  • Glory to Ukraine!
  • Glory to Heroes!