Top Judaica Shows

Odessa's Jewish Heritage Tour. Part 2

Genre: History, Judaica

  • Learn what made Odessa an educational and cultural center for the Jews in the Russian Empire
  • See the address where modern Israel was born
  • Follow in the footsteps of prominent Jewish intellectuals during their time in Odessa

Hanukkah in Berlin. One-Time Event

Genre: Berlin, Judaica

  • See the tallest Hanukkah Menorah in Europe
  • Enjoy the festive ambiance of Berlin's city center
  • Visit one of the city's landmark squares

Jewish Barcelona

Genre: History, Barcelona, Judaica

  • Walk around Barcelona's neighborhood, which once was the city's Jewish quarter
  • See one of the oldest synagogues in Europe
  • Uncover the story of once thriving Sephardic Jewish community

Holocaust’s Biggest Massacre, Babi Yar : Part 1 and 2.

Genre: History, Judaica, Support Ukraine

There are so many things I couldn't include in Part 1 because the spots are scattered all around the city. This is the complete story. Part 1 and 2. It will be streamed from home.
* Psychiatrist hospital. Its patients became the first victims of the Nazis.
* The modern houses which were built on the bones of the people.
* The monument to Anatol Kuztetsov, the author of the best anti-war book about Holocaust.
* Soviet monument dedicated to the victims of Babi Yar. However, the monument never mentions the Jews!?
* The story and testimony of Dina Pronicheva. She was the survivor who was brought to the place of massacre three times but miraculously escaped.

Building Bridges Between Jewish Berlin and Jewish Odessa

Genre: History, Judaica, Berlin

  • Get a feel for the Berlin neighborhood that was once inhabited by local Jews
  • Explore the Jewish Enlightenment movement that appeared in Berlin in the late 1,700's
  • Marvel at the beauty of the New Berlin Synagogue and discover its fascinating story

Legends & Tales of Jewish Krakow

Genre: Poland, Judaica

  • How a poor but devoted man got money to build the biggest synagogue
  • What reward was given to a business man who refused to make the deal of his life during shabbat...
  • How an Orthodox girl refused an arranged marriage and became one of the most powerful women in world history

Jewish Odessa Part 3. Odessa's Jews in the Second World War

Genre: History, Judaica, Ukraine

  • Uncover the story of the siege of Odessa and the city's 907-day Romanian occupation
  • Learn about the local Jews who took part in the city's defense
  • Find out about the destiny of the Jews who stayed in the city during the Romanian occupation

Jewish Odessa Tour - Part 1. The City of Dreams

Genre: History, Support Ukraine, Judaica

  • Learn how Odessa became the City of Dreams for many Jews in the Russian Empire
  • See the Main City Synagogue and the Brodsky synagogue
  • Explore the story of the Ephrussi family described in the Hare with the Amber Eyes novel