Top India Shows

Haridwar - Holy City of India

Genre: Travel, Cultural, India

  • Visit the popular spots in Haridwar
  • Listen to mythological stories from Hindu culture
  • Immerse yourself in riot of colours, holy chants and nature

Indian Vegetarian Cooking- Lets prepare tempting Shahi Paneer/Tofu

Genre: Food & Drink, India

  • It's time to know more about Indian cooking and change the misconceptions with your host.
  • We are going to prepare the most famous Indian Dish in the easy to follow steps
  • Understand more about Indian culture along with the tips and tricks for quick Indian cooking

It's festival time-Janamshtmi celebration at a Hindu Temple

Genre: Cultural, India

  • It's time to witness one of the most popular festivals in North India which is celebrated with huge enthusiasm and great zeal.
  • We will be visiting a neighbourhood Hindu temple where they celebrate with decorations till 1 AM at night
  • Join Komal and experience this divine celebration with her

Vegan Indian Breakfast combo: Poha and Ginger tea

Genre: Cooking, India

  • Poha is very good for health, light and tasty.
  • Learn tricks of preparing this flavorful combo quickly
  • Get ready to enjoy the most popular breakfast combo with Komal

Let's make the yummiest Chicken Biryani

Genre: Cooking, India

  • It's time to cook the most famous and divine version of rice, Chicken Biryani
  • Join Komal as she introduces you to the new style of preparing this recipe from scratch
  • Learn the art of bringing flavors like restaurant from the comfort of your own home

Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding)

Genre: Cultural, Food & Drink, Cooking, DIY, India, Fun

  • This festive season pamper your loved ones with some delicious and easy Kheer, which you can prepare at home.
  • Creamy and aromatic Rice Kheer aka Indian Rice Pudding is made with basic ingredients, and is the quintessential Indian dessert that every Indian grows up eating.
  • Add sweetness to your festive celebrations with this delicious Kheer recipe. Kheer is one of the most pious delicacies prepared for special occasions and celebrations in India.

Visit To Asia's Largest Spice Market

Genre: History, India, Fun

  • Discover the local life of the biggest spice market in Asia
  • Follow Jd as he shows you the best views
  • Learn more about the history and culture

Bollywood dance with Komal

Genre: India

  • It's time to get set for a virtual bollywood party with your host Komal at her home.
  • Learn about the movies and songs with her and also dance along
  • This show is to bring a big smile on your face and celebrate the start of festival season in India.

Rishikesh - Yoga Capital of the World

Genre: Nature, Cultural, India

  • Visit temples & ashrams
  • See the suspension bridge - Lakshman Jhoola
  • Experience holy River Ganges

Chana Masala (Chickpeas Curry - Vegan Friendly)

Genre: Cultural, Food & Drink, Cooking, India, Fun

  • This delicious, restaurant-style recipe comes together in under 30 minutes.
  • This popular Indian dish is vegan and gluten-free and pairs well with rice, naan or roti.
  • Protein-packed dish for vegetarians and vegans.

Road travel in India

Genre: Travel, India, Fun

  • Get virtual views of Delhi & Indian countryside
  • Listen to some interesting facts about Delhi & India
  • Ask Questions on Delhi & India and have them answered by the Host

Learn to make Jeera Aloo (Cumin Potatoes)

Genre: Cultural, Food & Drink, Cooking, India, Fun

  • Jeera aloo is great for making as a filling and healthy lunch, or hearty side for any number of main dinner dishes.
  • This simple recipe gets done in minutes and goes so well with a side of bread. You only need a handful of ingredients to make this Jeera Aloo.
  • This is gluten-free and vegan.