Top History Shows

Traditional Village Life in Southern Poland 100 Years Ago.

Genre: Cultural, Poland, History

  • Original old wooden houses and churches surrounded by amazing greenery
  • A real insight into the beauty & hardships of village life in the early 20th-century Poland
  • Visit them all - a poor peasant, a rich peasant, a landlord, and even a church

Bolivia's Dino Park

Genre: Bolivia, History, Nature

  • Experience the gigantic, life-size replicas of dinos
  • Original footprints too - we'll find out how big they really are
  • The flora and fauna of the last period of the dinosaurs

Edinburgh from Calton Hill

Genre: Edinburgh, History, Travel

  • Discover the Monuments on the hill and learn why they are here
  • Enjoy the views over The Old and New Town from Castle and Arthur’s Seat to the South.
  • Look towards The Firth of Forth and search for the five “ Inches”

Howth - A Beautiful North Dublin Fishing Village

Genre: History, Dublin

  • Ireland's Eye
  • The West Pier
  • St. Mary's Abbey

The Great Landmarks of Dublin's North Inner City

Genre: History, Dublin

  • The Garden of Remembrance
  • GPO
  • The Gate Theatre

Heart of Florence: Uffizi and Ponte Vecchio

Genre: Florence, Travel, History

  • The old City Hall: Palazzo Vecchio
  • Uffizi Galleries
  • Worldwide famous bridge: Ponte Vecchio

Seven Dutch Beauties, Part 5: Leiden

Genre: History, Cultural

  • The University of Leiden, the oldest university of The Netherlands
  • The Botanic Garden of the university, cradle of the tulip in The Netherlands
  • Various sites related to the Pilgrim Fathers
  • De Burcht, a stronghold on an artificial hill to protect the citizens against flooding and "uninvited guests".
  • Places related to Rembrandt

Glamour on the Nevsky Avenue (Part 1)

Genre: Saint Petersburg, Travel, History

  • Impressive Admiralty building, the headquarter of the Russian Navy,
  • Kazan cathedral and Peter and Paul Lutheran church
  • Picturesque Singer building in Art Nouveau style

Politics and Power in Westminster, London

Genre: London, History, Architecture

  • Westminster Abbey Exterior: Stroll through 1000 years of history, exploring the historic events that have taken place in this architectural gothic masterpiece: from the tombs of monarchs, writers and musicians, to the lavish coronations, weddings and funerals.
  • Explore Parliament Square and the Palace of Westminster, famed for the Elizabeth Tower (housing a pretty famous bell); the Victoria Tower, and the Jewel Tower (one of only 2 sections of the original palace to survive the devastating fire of 1834.
  • Discover the quiet backstreets behind the abbey, and one of England's oldest & finest public schools, where many of the great and the good were educated.

Edinburgh Castle and the Medieval Old Town

Genre: History, Travel, Edinburgh

  • See one of Scotland's most iconic Castles
  • Explore the Medieval Old Town and interact with your local guide.
  • Enjoy the stunning views, buildings and stories of Edinburgh's past.

Italian Cathedrals - Series

Genre: History, Art, Architecture

  • History of the Cathedral
  • Outside the Cathedral
  • Inside the Cathedral

Prague Baroque Series

Genre: History, Prague, Mini-series

  • high quality 360° pictures, 3D models and rare photography
  • lots and lots of eye candy
  • learn about the fascinating world of the baroque culture and worldview