Top History Shows

Discovering Adelaide- Australia's City of Churches

Genre: Cultural, History, Architecture

  • Learn all about this growing Australian city
  • Explore the architecture and spot beautiful art
  • Have fun as we discover this beautiful city

Secret Rome: The Testaccio Neighborhood

Genre: Rome, Travel, History

  • Explore a truly Roman neighborhood, off the tourists’ path
  • See a hill entirely made of terracotta fragments!
  • Discover the only pyramid of Rome!

The Medieval Perugia and the Renaissance Popes

Genre: Umbria, Italy, History, Architecture

  • Main square and main street
  • Breathtaking views
  • Rocca Paolina

Chicago’s Greatest Hits - Lincoln Park Zoo

Genre: Animal, History, Architecture

  • See the beautiful lion habitat that completed a state-of-the-art renovation in 2021
  • Discover why the Lincoln Park Zoo is known for its variety of primates
  • Find out how this zoo has been a leader in research and modernization

Assisi's Secret Upper District

Genre: Architecture, History, Umbria, Italy

  • Roman Tunnel and views
  • Picturesque district
  • San Rufino Cathedral

Evening stroll through the central streets of Yerevan

Genre: History, Nature

  • Yerevan city Center
  • Cascade
  • Opera house
  • Northern avenue
  • Republic square

Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum: the Greatest Dutch Masterpieces.

Genre: History, Art, Cultural, Amsterdam

November 23:
Episode 5: The 1800s, Dutch Impressionism and Romanticism.

Impressionism has been "invented" in France during the late 1800s. It didn't take long before this totally new attitude towards art and the role of the painter did arrive the Netherlands. This resulted in what the Rijksmuseum calls "Dutch impressionism". We will see some works of its most popular representative, Breitner.

The early 1800s were the Zenith of Romanticism, an art movement in which the actors tried to escape from daily reality by focusing on exotic places, the power of nature or the history of long gone days.

Other subjects of today's show: The Dutch in Indonesia and Japan, The Netherlands as part of Napoleon's empire.

Life of Cossacks in Zaporozhian Sich

Genre: Kyiv, History, Travel

  • Zaporozhian Sich fortress, Khortytsia Island, - Zaporizhzhia city, the dam of the Dnieper river
  • An interactive and personable glimpse into the Cossack village 
  • Huts and artifacts which reflect the daily routine of Cossacks 

A History of Art with Lilian 1:1 - Botticelli

Genre: Art, History

  • Learn about some of the most beautiful pieces Botticelli ever made
  • Understand process in art history interpretation
  • Discover different artistic techniques while learning about the life of the artist

Walk with me in Yerevan

Genre: History, Travel, Fun

  • Buildings
  • Parks
  • Squares
  • Fountains

Chicago History - Downtown LGBTQ Stories

Genre: History, Cultural, Chicago

  • Learn about the lives of historically important LGBTQ people from the 19th and early-20th centuries
  • Discover what led to Chicago hosting the country's first Pride Parade
  • Hear the story about the openly gay man George Washington hired to create America's professional army

The World of the Unexplained - Live in London

Genre: History, London

  • Strange Disappearances
  • Time Lapses and Vanishings
  • Ghost Ships, Monsters and Paranormal Phenomena