Top Dance Shows

Uganda's Dance Festivals

Genre: Art, Dance, Africa

  • Traditional dance troupes
  • Feel of the pub
  • Local people night hangout

Folk entrance of the Andean people of Bolivia

Genre: Bolivia, Cultural, Dance

  • Folk entrance
  • Typical dances of the region

Princess Wow’s Dance Party

Genre: Improv/Comedy, Fun, Dance

  • Wonderful uplifting quotes
  • Entertains using playful props and her unique imagination
  • Featuring inspirational poems and songs by Princess Wow's friends and other noted bands and artists, and sometimes her own music!

Bolivia's amazing fantasy tailors

Genre: Bolivia, Cultural, Dance

  • Discover the fabulous costumes of the typical dances of Bolivia

Oruro- A Folkloric City

Genre: Bolivia, Cultural, Dance

  • Mining town
  • Folkloric city

Bolivian Carnival - Limited Edition

Genre: Bolivia, Dance, Cultural

  • Demonstration of national clothes
  • Devotion to the Virgin of Socabon

Folk demostration of the Christ of the open arms.

Genre: Bolivia, Cultural, Dance

  • Dancing in devotion to the christ of great power
  • Diversity of dances and traditions
  • UNESCO heritage

Belly Dance for Beginners

Genre: Fitness, Fun, Dance

• Learn basic belly dance technique, posturing, language etc.
• Dills and execution and it helps you to build necessary strength
• Learn a beginner belly dance chorography

Bolivian carnival of the south America highlands

Genre: Bolivia, Dance, Cultural

  • Bolivian dance show
  • The carnival party
  • Cultural expression

Traditional Dances From Ecuador

Genre: Ecuador, Cultural, Dance

  • Enjoy traditional Ecuadorian music
  • Indigenous people dance in tribute to the land and life
  • Learn about the traditional costumes of the different indigenous nationalities

Christmas in Chicago - The Nutcracker is here

Genre: Christmas, Chicago, Dance

  • For the holiday this year, the city of Chicago projects the world-famous Joffrey Ballet performing The Nutcracker
  • Chicago's world-class architecture festively lit up for the holiday season
  • Learn interesting stories about the Chicago River and its wonderful buildings