Top Cultural Shows

Let's Meditate with a Mandala

Genre: Art, India, Cultural

Live from: India

  • Learn about Mandala Art and create a personalized Mandala.
  • Explore about Buddhist culture and Hindu culture.
  • Meditate with your Mandala.
45 minutes

Walk in history: An Introduction to Old Delhi

Genre: Cultural, India, History

Live from: Delhi

  • Live the history as Komal introduces you to the oldest part of Delhi
  • We would be experiencing the streets of Delhi in a very different way and learning about the history of mughals
  • Let's explore the Asia's biggest wholesale market along.
30 minutes

The World With Ukraine, Olga’s Stories: The Heart of Prague.

Genre: Cultural, History, Support Ukraine

Live from: Prague

  • Astonomical clock
  • Beautiful old town square
  • Old neighbourhoods
45 minutes

The Indigenous Market of Otavalo

Genre: Ecuador, Cultural, Art

Live from: Otavalo

  • Learn about a new culture, the Otavaleños
  • Visit the biggest indigenous market in South America
  • See the variety of handicrafts made by hand
30 minutes

ॐ ( OM ) - Vedic Sanskrit Mantra Meditation

Genre: Cultural, India, Mindfulness

Live from: Delhi

  • Learn all about the symbol ॐ ( OM )
  • Know about the four sounds of ॐ ( OM )
  • See how Meditation is done on ॐ ( OM )
30 minutes

Haridwar - Holy City of India

Genre: Travel, Cultural, India

Live from: Haridwar

  • Visit the popular spots in Haridwar
  • Listen to mythological stories from Hindu culture
  • Immerse yourself in riot of colours, holy chants and nature
30 minutes

Masterclass on Indian Sarees

Genre: Cultural, Fashion, India

Live from: Delhi

  • Get an introduction to the cultural icon of Indian Subcontinent
  • Learn about the origin of Indian sarees and some interesting facts
    • Sari is not only a garment but an emotion, have fun as Komal teaches you to drape a saree in fun different ways every time on the tour
30 minutes

La Paz: Murillo Square

Genre: Travel, Cultural, Bolivia

Live from: La Paz, Bolivia

  • Over 150 years of history
  • Most important square in the country
  • Colonial Buildings
45 minutes

Spirit of Japan - a new discovery each week

Genre: Travel, Cultural, Tokyo

Live from: Tokyo, Japan

  • Japan Series: weekly cultural experience
  • Each episode features different aspects of Japanese culture
  • Art, City life, Nature, Spirituality, Tradition, and more!
45 minutes

D DAY June 44 : Gold Beach

Genre: History, Cultural, Travel

Live from: Normandy

  • The British landing seaside
  • The monument of British Troops
  • The memorial
30 minutes

Chocolate making, with indigenous people, deep in the jungle

Genre: Cultural

Live from: Costa Rica

  • Learn about the Chocolate-making process, in the field, starting from the very fruit
  • Culture
  • Medicinal Plants
1 hour

Gods of India

Genre: Cultural, History, Lifestyle

Live from: Delhi

  • About Lord Ganesh, Lord Krishna and Lord Hanuman
  • Listen to holy chants
  • Participate in a quiz
30 minutes

Ashkelon: Sunset by the Mediterranean

Genre: History, Cultural, Israel

Live from: Israel

  • Enjoy the breathtaking view
  • Learn rich history of Ashkelon
  • See one of the most splendid promenades in Israel
1 hour