Top Berlin Shows

Webinar on Johannes Vermeer

Genre: Berlin, Art, Cultural

  • This is an online presentation about the life, times, and the oeuvre of the great 17th century Dutch master, given from my apartment.

Webinar on David Bowie's Time in West-Berlin

Genre: Art, Cultural, Berlin

  • Get to hear all about Bowie's life in West-Berlin
  • See images and maps of the spots Bowie visited regularly. These spots are so far apart that they could otherwise not be covered in one single live tour!

Hanukkah in Berlin. One-Time Event

Genre: Berlin, Judaica

  • See the tallest Hanukkah Menorah in Europe
  • Enjoy the festive ambiance of Berlin's city center
  • Visit one of the city's landmark squares

Berlin with Olga: Christmas Market and City Symbols

Genre: Berlin, Christmas

  • Walk down the most famous street of West Berlin and explore its symbol
  • Get into a holiday spirit on a visit to one of West Berlin's main Christmas markets
  • Explore the city's fascinating history

Jewish Berlin - Past and Present

Genre: Berlin, Cultural, History

  • Hummous and Friends Restaurant
  • New Synagogue
  • Leo Baeck Building
  • Adass Jisroel Synagogue
  • Mogg Restaurant

Berlin: Beauty, Suffering, and Resistance

Genre: Berlin, History, Architecture

  • Beautiful Rüdesheimer Square
  • Fascinating architecture
  • Stumbling stones

Christmas at Tiffany's

Genre: Travel, Berlin, Christmas

  • Christmas illuminations on Berlin's main shopping strip
  • The shop-front at the KaDeWE department store which this year, has entirely been taken over by the jeweler - Tiffany's&Co.

Berlin in a Snap: Bright Sides and Downsides of Germany's Capital

Genre: History, Travel, Berlin

  • Reichstag Building
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Paris Square
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • Memorial to the Murdered Sinti and Roma

A Berlin Icon: Potsdamer Strasse

Genre: Berlin, Cultural, History

  • Philharmonic Hall
  • New National Gallery
  • Fancy shops and eateries
  • Beautiful courtyards
  • A strange mix of architecture

Berlin’s Magical Christmas Garden. One-Time Event!

Genre: Berlin, Christmas

  • Immerse yourself in the magic of Berlin’s Christmas Garden
  • Explore the venue's enchanting history
  • Visit one of Berlin's most popular Christmas destinations

Olga goes to Berlin City Walk Part 1. Enchanting Old Quarter

Genre: Berlin, History, Architecture

  • join Olga (of Odessa) in exploring the fascinating history of old Berlin
  • Narrow cobbled streets of the medieval quarter
  • Beautiful baroque architecture

Berlin: Road to Hell

Genre: History, Berlin

  • Location of SS HQ
  • Location of Gestapo HQ
  • Building of former Reich Ministry of Aviation
  • Location of Ministry of Propaganda
  • Georg Elser Memorial
  • Location of the Führer Bunker