Top Animal Shows

Amsterdam's Floating Cat Sanctuary

Genre: Amsterdam, Animal

  • Lots and lots of cats!
  • More cats
  • Even more cats

Wandering Through Melbourne's Treasured Botanical Gardens

Genre: Melbourne, Nature, Animal

  • Learn about the botanical garden's history and meaning
  • Enjoy a variety of different flora and fauna
  • Soak in the tranquility as you experience a botanical adventure like none other

The highest altitude wildlife bio park in the world

Genre: Animal, Bolivia

  • Endemic animals of the region the Andes.
  • Endangered animals.

Kenya: Nairobi Snake Park

Genre: Animal, Nairobi

  • Snakes
  • Amphibians
  • Tortoises
  • Lizards

A Tour to The Nairobi National Park

Genre: Nature, Animal, Nairobi

  • See wild animals in their natural habitat
  • The only national park in the world located in the city

Part 2: Walk Around Uganda's Rescued Wildlife Center

Genre: Animal, Nature

  • Giraffes
  • Ostrich
  • Ankole cattle
  • African hut accomodation
  • Views
  • The elders' tree

Uganda's Imperial Beach Hotel

Genre: Fun, Animal, Africa

  • Parts Victoria Nile
  • Housing
  • Local weekend hangout

Into the Florida Wild: Feed the Alligators

Genre: Animal, Adrenaline, Nature

  • Get up close and personal with the alligators
  • Experience an alligator live feed show and see baby gators
  • Enjoy this family adventure

Chicago’s Greatest Hits - Lincoln Park Zoo

Genre: Animal, History, Architecture

  • See the beautiful lion habitat that completed a state-of-the-art renovation in 2021
  • Discover why the Lincoln Park Zoo is known for its variety of primates
  • Find out how this zoo has been a leader in research and modernization

Hidden Chicago - Underground Streets (plus RATS!)

Genre: History, Animal, Chicago

  • Discover the history and features of Chicago's underground streets
  • See where a car chase scene in "The Dark Knight" was filmed
  • Learn how rats are made to thrive in urban settings

Amsterdam's Cat Cabinet

Genre: Art, Amsterdam, Animal

  • Rembrandt and Picasso etchings
  • A mummified Egyptian cat
  • 4 real live resident kitties

Riding In The Luxor Desert

Genre: Action, Animal, Adrenaline

  • Ancient History
  • Geology across the desert
  • High speeds on horse back!