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June 30 - 3:00 PM UTC
June 30 - 11:00 PM UTC
July 1 - 3:30 PM UTC
July 2 - 8:30 PM UTC
Date Time Title Host Live in Reserve
JUN 30 Live now Snap a Doodle with Pallavi!
Genre: Art, Fun
Pallavi Jha Watch Live Now
JUN 30 Live now Medieval monastery at the edge of the gorge
Genre: History, Travel
Khach Mirzoyan Watch Live Now
JUN 30 3.00 PM UTC Ponomarev vs Putin
Genre: Stop Putin, Support Ukraine
Ilya Ponomarev Reserve
JUN 30 3.15 PM UTC One of a Kind - the Armenian Alphabet Alley
Genre: History, Travel
Khach Mirzoyan Reserve
JUN 30 4.00 PM UTC My Bomb Shelter Life
Genre: Support Ukraine, Stop Putin
Sviatoslav Profatylo Reserve
JUN 30 4.00 PM UTC Baku: Architecture, Culture and Lifestyle
Genre: Baku, Architecture, Cultural
Nurana Hasanova Reserve
JUN 30 6.30 PM UTC William Shakespeare - Myths and Mysteries
Genre: Art, History
Gerard Gilroy Reserve
JUN 30 7.00 PM UTC The Royal Mile, Edinburgh
Genre: History, Edinburgh
Sam Thomson Reserve
JUN 30 11.00 PM UTC Young Ukrainians
Genre: Support Ukraine, Stop Putin
Taras Colopelnic Reserve
JUL 1 1.30 AM UTC Chicago Special Events - ACTIVATE
Genre: Art, Cultural, Architecture
Mike Mc Mains Reserve
JUL 1 3.00 PM UTC Brittany Special: Dinard
Genre: Travel, Paris
Patrick Reserve
JUL 1 3.30 PM UTC Stop Putin Now
Genre: Stop Putin, Support Ukraine
Paulie O'mahony Reserve
JUL 1 5.00 PM UTC Dark Tales of Perugia - Umbria - Italy
Genre: History, Umbria, Italy
Patrizia Blanquart Reserve
JUL 1 6.00 PM UTC Galician Experiences with Monica
Genre: Travel, Spain, Food & Drink
Monica Diaz Reserve
JUL 1 8.30 PM UTC Cooking Ukrainian Borsch. A dish with a national character.
Genre: Kyiv
Olga Dudakova Reserve
JUL 2 1.00 PM UTC Namaste Delhi- An introduction to the capital of India
Genre: India, Architecture
Komal Darira Reserve
JUL 2 2.45 PM UTC Highlights of Old Town Valencia, Spain
Genre: Art, Spain, Architecture
Kelsey Betzelberger Reserve
JUL 2 4.30 PM UTC The Treasures of Rome
Genre: Rome, History, Series
Federica Reserve
JUL 2 8.30 PM UTC Kyiv Unbreakable
Genre: History, Kyiv, Support Ukraine
Olga Dudakova Reserve
JUL 3 2.30 AM UTC The Story of the Mughals: Emperors of India
Genre: History, Cultural, India
Roopak Agarwal Reserve
JUL 3 3.30 PM UTC Odessa - Ukraine's Pearl of the Black Sea
Genre: History, Architecture, Support Ukraine
Olga Bokhonovskaya Reserve
JUL 3 5.00 PM UTC Gems or Tourist Traps? Prague by the Eyes of Ukrainian guide
Genre: Support Ukraine, Prague, Travel
Olga Dudakova Reserve
JUL 3 7.30 PM UTC Russians Against the War. Episode One.
Genre: History, Stop Putin, Politics and War
Anna Levina Reserve
JUL 3 8.00 PM UTC Tales of Edinburgh's Darker Side: Part 2
Genre: Edinburgh, History, Mini-series
Sam Thomson Reserve
JUL 3 8.00 PM UTC Psychic Reading: Gemstones & Cards
Genre: Lifestyle, Tarot, Mindfulness
K80lyn Reserve