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January 18 - 1:30 PM UTC
January 18 - 10:00 PM UTC
January 19 - 4:00 PM UTC
January 21 - 1:00 AM UTC
January 21 - 2:30 PM UTC
Date Time Title Host Live in Reserve
JAN 17 3.00 PM UTC Trinity College Ireland's most celebrated university
Genre: Ireland, History
Dave Kavanagh Reserve
JAN 17 3.30 PM UTC Middle of the world City Complex
Genre: Action, Ecuador, Food & Drink
Stefany Caicedo Reserve
JAN 17 4.15 PM UTC Amsterdam: Highlights and Hangouts - Somewhere different each week!
Genre: Travel, Cultural, Amsterdam
Mark Law Reserve
JAN 18 1.30 PM UTC Ancient Zadar
Genre: History, Travel
Anita Vukoja Reserve
JAN 18 6.00 PM UTC Jeff Koons is in Florence
Genre: Art
Chiara Reserve
JAN 18 10.00 PM UTC Haunted London Series
Genre: Series, London
Nathalie Kerrio Reserve
JAN 19 1.30 AM UTC Spirit of Japan - a new discovery each week
Genre: Travel, Cultural, Tokyo
Eriko Shiratori Reserve
JAN 19 2.15 PM UTC Landmarks of the Southwest - Season 2. Discover something new with each episode
Genre: Travel, Series, Bulgaria
Simana Markovska Reserve
JAN 19 3.00 PM UTC Amsterdam Day Trips to Remember. A new discovery with Mark each week.
Genre: Travel, Amsterdam
Mark Law Reserve
JAN 19 4.00 PM UTC Wednesdays with Ana
Genre: Coaching
Ana Weisberger Reserve
JAN 20 2.00 AM UTC Vietnam: Fun Quiz & Explore The Valley Of Love
Genre: Vietnam
Spring Vietnam Tours 🇻🇳 Reserve
JAN 20 3.00 PM UTC KLM airline’s miniature houses Part 2: chasing the originals around Amsterdam
Genre: History, Amsterdam
Lee Franklin Reserve
JAN 20 7.00 PM UTC Winter in the Canadian Rockies
Genre: Banff & the Canadian Rockies
Patrick Twomey Reserve
JAN 21 1.00 AM UTC Prague Gothic Series
Genre: History, Prague, Mini-series
Max Hutar Reserve
JAN 21 1.45 PM UTC Georgian Dublin, Merrion Square and Oscar Wilde
Genre: Dublin, Ireland
Dave Kavanagh Reserve
JAN 21 2.00 PM UTC Experience Budapest from above - a lovely walk on Gellért Hill-Citadel
Genre: Budapest, Nature
Zsuzsi Héjja Reserve
JAN 21 2.30 PM UTC Berlin's Hub of Power
Genre: Berlin, Cultural, History
Martin Reserve
JAN 21 3.15 PM UTC Amsterdam Art by Tandem
Genre: Travel, Cultural, Amsterdam
Mark Law Reserve
JAN 21 4.00 PM UTC Psychic Reading: Gemstones & Cards
Genre: Lifestyle, Tarot, Mindfulness
K80lyn Reserve
JAN 21 6.30 PM UTC Stalinist Era Architecture in the Heart of Kyiv
Genre: Kyiv, History, Travel
Olga Dudakova Reserve
JAN 21 9.00 PM UTC Princess Wow’s Dance Party
Genre: Improv/Comedy, Fun, Dance
Princess Wow Reserve
JAN 22 12.00 AM UTC Barranco’s Graffiti and Street art tour series
Genre: Art, Lima, Peru
Vanessa Vasquez Reserve
JAN 22 2.00 PM UTC Two Love Stories Between Two Bridges in Kyiv
Genre: Kyiv
Olga Dudakova Reserve
JAN 22 3.00 PM UTC Budapest: Shadows of the past
Genre: Budapest
Andrea Makkay Reserve
JAN 22 3.45 PM UTC It's time for Spinach Pakora Kadhi- A yummy tangy flavored Curry
Genre: India
Komal Darira Reserve