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Stop Putin Now

Genre: Stop Putin, Support Ukraine

Live from: United States

  • Unfiltered and authentic conversations
  • Genuine updates from those living in Ukraine
  • All proceeds of the show will go to the Relief Fund for the refugee children for food and medicine
  • This show is a movement, borne from anger and outrage at the events

Show #1

30 minutes

Women for Ukraine

Genre: Support Ukraine, Stop Putin

  • Each show a famous different guest
  • Send your questions for them to answer live
  • All the money raised goes to help Ukraine
30 minutes

Ukrainian food & culture with Ievgen Klopotenko

Genre: Cooking, Support Ukraine

Live from: Ukraine

  • Learn with the most famous chef in Ukraine
  • Each show a different Ukrainian recipe
  • All the money raised will go to Ievgen's project of feeding the Ukrainian army
30 minutes

Travel - Best Beamz shows

Galician Experiences with Monica

Genre: Travel, Spain, Food & Drink

Live from: Galicia, Spain

  • Discover ancient little towns, villages and landscapes.
  • Find out about original food, art and traditions.
  • Get to meet our friendly locals!
30 minutes

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Genre: History, Travel

Live from: Luxembourg

  • Grand Ducal Palace
  • Golden Lady
45 minutes

The Liberties - Dublin's oldest neighbourhood

Genre: Travel, Dublin

Live from: Dublin

  • The Brazen Head
  • St Audeons Church
  • Guinness Storehouse and Brewery
45 minutes

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