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Stop Putin Now

Genre: Stop Putin, Support Ukraine

Live from: United States

Show #1

30 minutes

Women for Ukraine

Genre: Support Ukraine, Stop Putin

  • Each show a famous different guest
  • Send your questions for them to answer live
  • All the money raised goes to help Ukraine
30 minutes

Travel - Best Beamz shows


Genre: Bolivia, Travel, Cultural

Live from: Tiwanaku, Bolivia

  • Archaeological site of the first cultures.
  • Place where the winter solstice is received.
45 minutes

Haarlem by Bike!

Genre: Travel, Cultural, Amsterdam

Live from: Amsterdam

  • Explore Haarlem's lovely streets
  • See the parts you won't see on the evening tour!
  • Get to ride like a local!
45 minutes

Chaalis Abbey in the heart of Valois

Genre: Travel, History

Live from: Fontaine-Chaalis, France

  • Take a trip through eight centuries of history
  • Come and discover the ruins of the abbey church as well as the Chapel of St. Mary
  • Magnificent 3,500 m² rose garden adjoining the abbey
45 minutes

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